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Many will agree, the Roof is probably the most important feature of a house.

It is the main covering that protects and keeps the building dry and as such, whenever there is roofing problem or the roof needs to be replaced it generally requires some major decisions to be made, because a lot of money is on the line.

Roofing Technical Center can provide you that peace of mind and practical advice with those difficult decisions and the means to see if we can get some money back on your old shingles to either have them cleaned, repaired, restored or partially and even replace your entire roof.
We do it by knowing what to look for in the roofing itself and understanding what the warranties from the different material manufacturers provide.
Let’s be very clear, we are not going to try to sell you a new roof. You may need a new roof, and we will advise you if we think you do, but we’re not going to benefit from it.

We are here for you !

Being in the roofing industry for decades, our staff of roofing applicators, inspectors, consultants and technologists have seen and have been involved in countless multiple and diverse roofing projects.

We look forward to serving you!

Joseph Scavello
President, Roofing Technical Center

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