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Now you can have your own Personal Roofing Consultant!


You’ve looked at your roof and something seems to be “out of place”.

It doesn’t quite look like your neighbors roof.

As soon as you call a roofer, you know what they’re going to say…REPLACE THE ROOF!

And that might need to be done, but you need to get straight, uncomplicated and correct answers now on your roofing questions or concerns by a qualified , unbiased Expert that has no interest to get a big payoff in replacing your roof.

That’s where we come in

We offer a personal 30 minute phone and/or 30 day email support that can give you just that! Confidence and assurance (and certainly alternatives) making your roofing decisions easier and hopefully save you some money too !

Talk with our Specialists on the phone and even email your photographs and we will do our best to give you the right direction the first time!

Our Specialist Experts have years of experience of applying many types of roofs, seeing all kinds of situations and conducting hundreds of inspections, so they’ve seen it all!

We will also supply you with documented reports, from authorized sources as opinions go only so far.

Combine the Personal Roofing Consultant consultation with the 50+ Point Asphalt Shingle Evaluation and save 20% !


$59.00 - #PRC01

Personal Roofing Consultant 30 min Phone consultation and 30 day email correspondence and evaluation

$96.00 - #PRC10

With 20% discount on the Complete 50+ Point Evaluation/Inspection kit, registered and emailed to you to print*

$104.00 - #PRC11

With 20% discount on the Complete 50+ Point Evaluation/Inspection kit ,printed and mailed to you in an Extra Tough Return Envelope to ship sample back to the Roofing Technical Center.*

$112.00 - #PRC12

With 20% discount Complete 50+ Point Evaluation/Inspection kit, printed and mailed to you in an Extra Strong ShingleBox to ship sample back to the Roofing Technical Center.*

*Must be a full, applied affected shingle sample to be eligible for full or partial refund on Evaluation Kit.


By purchasing the Personal Roofing Consultant, we will also send you the following articles…


Cap Shingles, Release Tape, Pitch…
all Asphalt Shingle Terminology

We're cutting through all the complicated roofing jargon
and giving you the understandable
meanings of these roofing terms.


There are dozens of Gutter devices to deflect roof debris such as leaves, twigs, seedlings and let's not forget,
just water!

We look at them all, highlight the differences
to help you make the right choice!


Question – I have a flat roof with roll roofing on it, will the consultants be able to help me with that too?
Answer – Yes, our Roofing experts are knowledgeable in all types of roofing and will be able to assist you as well.

Question – Can I send photos to the consultant?
Answer – Yes, in fact we encourage it to give us a better perspective of how to help you.

Question – I have a disagreement with my roofing contractor on what is happening with my roof, will the consultant be able to help me with that?
Answer – Yes, after reviewing the situation, we will provide industry documentation to present to your contractor IF there is clearly something that they may be missing to correct the problem.

For any additional questions,
please email us (CLICK HERE) or Call 484-808-7350