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Are you planning or in the process of Replacing your roof?


Are you one of thousands of homeowners that are planning on replacing your roof because your asphalt shingles have worn out prematurely or exhibited some type of condition that may have caused leaks in your home (or are about to)? Some feel that something may be wrong because the shingles don’t look like they should and don’t want anything worse to happen.

Did you know that there are long forgotten warranties on these shingles and the components that are used to make them that could provide you partial or even full replacement of your new roof?

Composite shingles (as Asphalt Shingles are commonly called) are “composed” of a variety of materials such as asphalt, fiberglass mat, sealant, colored granules and more. These ingredients are supposed to be of a certain quality level, but when one or more is off, it can cause the product to exhibit certain “unpleasant” attributes.

On most roofs, it’s easy to see a problem, whether it’s cracking, curling, granule loss or some other kind of visual issue, but on others, not so much.

That’s where we come in.

Our qualified group of Expert Roofing Technicians and Material Warranty Specialists, are equipped to examine and inspect the quality of your shingles and the warranties covering them to get you whatever compensation that might be available to you.

So, if you are planning or in the process of replacing your roof, don’t throw away all that old roofing… save and send a few samples to us and hopefully, we can get some cash back for you to help pay for the replacement of the roof and in some cases, all of it!

“I have issued so many reimbursements for complete roof replacements, it’s not even funny”
– Former Roofing Claim Adjuster of Major Roofing Manufacturer


Our simple and easy evaluation/inspection kit is all it takes for us to verify all possible 50+ conditions and issues to help you get the maximum warranty amount. * In most cases, a reimbursement of up to $100 is available when sending samples in, so the kit may cost you nothing!


By purchasing the Cash For Old Shingles Compensation Kit,
we will also send you the following valuable articles on two roofing issues that you should be concerned about BEFORE the new roof is applied …


Proper Roof Ventilation is key to a healthy,
long lasting roof and
keeping the energy costs down
with proper air flow.

In fact, some Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers reduce and limit their warranty coverage if it's inadequate or non-existent


Water Resistant and Water Proof Underlayments provide a secondary layer of protection under the shingles especially during ice dams and if/when a shingle blows off.

Find out the differences between  WSU, WRU, Fiberglass, Organic Felt and Synthetic Underlayments


$59.00 - #ASEL01

Complete 50+ Point Evaluation/Inspection kit, including Algae Resistant Verification emailed to you to print and mail everything back in your own package.

$69.00 - #ASEL02

Complete 50+ Point Evaluation/Inspection kit , including Algae Resistant Verification, printed and mailed to you in an Extra Tough Return Envelope to ship sample back to Roofing Technical Center.

$79.00 - #ASEL03

Complete 50+ Point Evaluation/Inspection kit, including Algae Resistant Verification, printed and mailed to you in an Extra Strong ShingleBox to ship sample back to Roofing Technical Center


Question - I don’t know the name of my shingles, can I still see if I can get some money back?
Answer – Absolutely! Our team of Asphalt Shingle Lab Technicians are usually able to identify the shingles from the other information you send us. Do your best answering the questions in the kit as best as you can.

Question – How long does this process take before I am offered some money?
Answer – We will have your evaluation completed in 10-15 days and then it will be forwarded on to the material manufacturers for their testing, which could take a week or longer. A lot depends on the season of the year. Spring, Summer and Fall are the busiest times. We will provide you all the information needed to follow it’s progress.

Question – I am not the original owner, does that make a difference?
Answer – In some rare situations it does, but we’ll be better able to determine that when we receive your information back. There are some states that allow unlimited transfer ability and we know the states that do.

Question – I do not have any of the shingles anymore, can I still send in the kit?
Answer – No, we’re sorry. A full sample of a shingle is eventually needed in order to pursue getting some reimbursement for you.

Question - What do you mean by getting a reimbursement up to $100.00 for getting the samples to RTC?
Answer - Some manufacturing sources will reimburse up to $100.00 for getting complete, representative samples (instead of sending a representative out to look at your roof). Some owners take the samples off themselves, and we have a page on this website that explains how to do that. Others hire a roofing contractor or handyman and some get the samples when their roof is being replaced. Either way, we submit a bill in your name for that extra compensation.

For any additional questions,
please email us (CLICK HERE) or Call 484-808-7350